"This book gives you a series of practical, proven ideas and strategies that you can apply immediately to build a more successful business."

- Brian Tracy; author of Million Dollar Habits

"Michelli gives you a practical solution to achieving and sustaining success by creating your unique customer experience."

- Harry Paul, co-author of FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results and REVVED! An Incredible Way to Rev Up Your Workplace and Achieve Amazing Results

"Yes! Starbucks has changed the way the world experiences coffee, but it has also done so much more--Starbucks has blown the doors off the business, marketing, and even popular culture as usual, Dr. Michelli offers keen insights on the transformational power of Starbucks. Better yet, The Starbucks Experience makes the power accessible to all of us in business and life."

- Dr. Jackie Freiberg; co-author of Guts! Companies That Blow the Doors Off Business as Usual and NUTS! Southwest Airlines Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success

"One of the only things I like better than Starbucks coffee is a great book. In The Starbucks Experience, Joseph Michelli has brewed up a stimulating read about Starbucks and how it became a world-class brand. Not only will you get outstanding insights into what makes Starbucks great, but you'll learn how you can use these principles to create a rich experience for your customers as well."

- Mark Sanborn: author of The Fred Factor

"Starbucks has been a terrific business partner for Johnson Development Corporation. Dr. Michelli offers unique insights into how Starbucks partners, from the store level to corporate leadership, create powerful experiences for staff, customers, and communities. Get this book--make a difference."

- Earvin "Magic" Johnson: NBA All-Star and President Johnson Development Corporation

"The enormous ongoing and on-growing success of Starbucks will make this book of interest to just about everyone.  The principles it espouses are dear to my heart and I recommend it without qualification. "

- Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager and The Secret

"I know Starbucks! There first store is just about a block from my business the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market--you know us as the guys who throw and catch fish.  Dr. Michelli has not only helped me write the story of my business, but in The Starbucks Experience he captures the essence of what Starbucks has done to generate unmatched success. Read this book, live the principles, and enjoy profits untold. "

- John Yokoyama, co-author of When Fish Fly: Lessons for Creating a Vital and Energized Workplace and owner of the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market

"The principles Dr. Michelli reveals have been of immediate value to our fourteen companies. This book is a powerhouse combination of business information AND insight that will make a difference for you and your organization."

- Scott McKain: Vice Chairman, Obsidian Enterprises, Inc.Co-founder, The Value Added Institute and author of What Customers Really Want: How to Bridge the Gap Between What Your Organization Offers and What Your Clients Crave and ALL Business is Show Business: Create the Ultimate Customer Experience to Differentiate Your Organization, Amaze Your Clients, and Expand Your Profits

Literary Reviews

"Michelli, a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant, takes an in-depth look at Starbucks's proven and practical strategies for building a successful, multinational corporation. His chapters illustrate the company's five basic success principles: make it your own, everything matters, surprise and delight, embrace resistance, and leave your mark. Readers will discover a rich mix of ideas and techniques that will help them apply the Starbucks vision, creativity, and leadership to their own careers, workplaces, and companies. Michelli shares fascinating information, e.g., the Starbucks employee turnover rate is 250 percent lower than the industry average, Starbucks has stores in 37 countries and averages more than 35 million customer visits each week, five new Starbucks stores open a day, and, perhaps most amazingly, Starbucks is not a franchise business. This book shows readers how employee motivation, excellent customer service and satisfaction, and community involvement build a great company. Most business collections will want to add."

- Published in the Library Journal by Susan C. Awe, University of New Mexico Library, Albuquerque

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